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FOCUS since 1961

FOCUS has a long colorful history in Global Ophthalmology.  Founded in 1961 by three Chicago area ophthalmologists; Dr. James McDonald, Dr. Art Light, and Dr. Thomas Stamm. The initial missions were to Haiti and their amazing stories are well chronicled in the ebook  “Focus in Haiti”.  In the early 1970s the organization expanded its outreach to Nigeria and and continued to operate for many years under the leadership of Dr. Marilyn Miller.  In 2019 the leadership of FOCUS began to transition to the next generation of ophthalmologists with the addition of Dr. Daniel Alter, Dr. Matthew Thompson, and Dr. William Myers to the executive board. We hope to inspire the next generation of visiting and local ophthalmologists to advance eye care in Haiti and the developing world.

To read more on the history of FOCUS, you can download “Focus in Haiti”

 “Give a person a fish and feed them for a day, Teach a person to fish and feed them for life.


But what if there are no fish in the pond?”    

– the FOCUS proverb

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